Everything you need to become a flight attendant in the U.S. and Canada

2003 marked the 77th anniversary of the first flight attendants
77th Anniversary Edition available today!

Flight Attendant Job Finder & Career Guide Cover - 77th anniversary edition

Flight Attendant Job Finder
& Career Guide

77th Anniversary Edition

Did you know that the lesser–known charters, regional airlines, and corporate flight operations are currently hiring flight attendants even as the big airlines make headlines with staff cutbacks in the wake of September 11? With competition for flight attendant positions more intense than ever, the Flight Attendant Job Finder & Career Guide is your most valuable guide to starting or reviving your career as a flight attendant.

Mr. Tim Kirkwood,
     I would simply like to commend you for your awesome approach to the flight attendant lifestyle. I am referring to your book that we call the BIBLE of the INDUSTRY!!! Your comprehensive information has helped FEED countless flight attendant friends of mine. We are all very grateful for the time and enormous effort and energy that you put forth in helping us achieve our goal and fulfilled dream of becoming aviation safety professionals.
     I have worked at a regional airline for 2 years. Personally, I knew that I needed growth and found an opportunity with another airline through religiously following the tips in your book. As a "seasoned" flight attendant it is so easy to become “set” in your ways, however you helped remind me that the "game" starts all over when you decide to move on.
     I thank you for your frankness. I thank you for continuing to be a great person who has helped DEMYSTIFY the Industry and bring common sense to the process. Thank You 1 Billion Times Over!!!
Jeremy M Thompson

Get paid to fly the “friendly skies” of United or any of the other 73 U.S. and Canadian airlines as a flight attendant. Still considered one of the most glamorous professions, flight attendants are key personnel for airlines because they are in such close contact with the flying public. The skies cannot be friendly without flight attendants who possess the right attitude and aptitude for the job. But the competition for this job is fierce. Each year, only ten percent of all applicants get hired. You need an edge, and this book gives it to you.

“This book is truly a "Bible" of the field….
By far the best book on flight attendants I've ever seen.”

— Career Opportunities News

What you’ll learn:
A veteran of 27 years with TWA, flight attendant Tim Kirkwood has written the definitive guide to entering and staying in his profession. You’ll learn:

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Free Updates:
Tim guides you through all the ins and outs of the application process, as well as a typical three–day trip. Because the airline industry is so volatile (during the six months it took to produce this book, a dozen airlines went out of business and six new ones started operations), we offer free updates on this web site by clicking here.

77th Anniversary Edition available today!

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