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First review of :
From Making a Profit to Making a Difference: How to Launch Your New Career in Nonprofits

From Making A Profit To Making A Difference: How To Launch Your New Career in Nonprofits is a superb instruction guide showing how nonprofit leaders think and hire (it’s a whole different mind set than in the for–profit business world!); how to use “strategic volunteerism” with a nonprofit organization to build a job–seeking network; how to adapt a business resume and cover letter to work with nonprofits; and how to negotiate a salary/benefits package. Author Richard King also helps his readers identify the types of nonprofit work that will best appeal to them and which kinds of nonprofits or charities fit them best. Highly recommended, essential reading for anyone seeking a job or career in the nonprofit corporation field. From Making a Profit To Making a Difference is enhanced with directories of recruiters for nonprofits as well as a thorough listing of nonprofit organizations.
— Midwest Book Review, July 2000

Reviews of the:
Professional's Job Finder
Government Job Finder
Non–Profits & Education Job Finder

“The most respected, sought after, and reliable reference series in the field of employment procurement.”
— The Bookwatch (Midwest Book Review)

“A real powerhouse for job leads … dynamite job hunting tool.”
— Joyce Lain Kenndy, nationally syndicated career columnist and author of Interviews for Dummies, Resumes for Dummies, and Cover Letter for Dummies

Essential for every job search … the best there are”
— Martin Yate, author of Knock ’Em Dead: The Ultimate Job–Seeker's Handbook, CareerSmarts, Resumes That Knock ’Em Dead

“Wonderful books … very thorough”
— Richard Bolles in What Color is Your Parachute?

“Every job seeker should get the Professional's Job Finder. I like that the job sources are verified … easy to read and well organized. The Job Finders are some of the best and most complete career books.
— Jane Hill, The Impact Group

“Nobody seems to put as much into career books as Daniel Lauber. His contain thousands of useful facts, leads to employment resources, references to additional information, and far more. Invaluable for job seekers. … Outstanding books … jammed packed with useful resources…”
— Career Opportunities News

“The most complete inventory for identifying job opportunities.”
— Journal of the American Planning Association

“Great resource! The book gave me lots of ideas and pushed me to be more productive.”
— Sheryl Kaplan, successful user of the Job Finders

“Thanks for a great nationwide resource for job leads.”
— P. Klein, successful user of the Job Finders

The 1997 Professional's Job Finder received the Best Makeover Award from the Mid–America Publishers Association. Syndicated career columnist Joyce Lain Kennedy named the book one of the Top 10 Career Books of 1997.

The 1994 edition of the Non–Profits Job Finder received a Pewter award from the Gold Ink Awards sponsored by Publishing and Production Executive Magazine.

The 1994 edition of the Government Job Finder won the coveted Benjamin Franklin Award for best Redesign from the Publishers Marketing Association.


The Job Finder books have been recommended and praised in over 20 other top career books.

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