Using Job Hotlines in Your Job Search

National Job Hotline Directory:
The Job Finder's Hotlist

See the March 15, 1999 Library Journal for the latest review.

This is the final edition. We regret to announce that the authors
have decided not to produce a new edition.

Sample Chapters, Free Update Sheet
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Get access to job openings at more than 6,500 companies, school districts, government   agencies, educational institutions, and non–profit organizations in the U.S. and Canada with this new compilation of job hotlines you can call from your easy chair 24 hours a day.

Within weeks of the publication of this book, famed careers columnist Joyce Lain Kennedy and Marvin Walberg wrote columns about the book.

Available in both paperback ($16.95 plus $5.50/shipping if ordering by mail or phone) and hard cover ($32.95 plus $5.50/shipping), this book is a must for every job seeker who wants to conduct a savvy, balanced job search. As a bonus, the book also includes coupons that give you over $90 in discounts on top job–search resources.

Remember, though, that this book is a companion to the three “Job Finders” shown on our home page. So, for example, if you are looking for work in the business world as a professional, you  would also want to get the Professional's Job Finder which gives you details on over 3,003 other sources of job vacancies: specialty and trade periodicals, job–matching services, online Internet job and resume databases, directories of employers, directories of professionals for networking purposes, and salary surveys. General sample chapters, the table of contents, a sample state, and latest free Update Sheet for each of our other Job Finders are available free from our home page.

Sample Chapters, Free Update Sheet
Are Available Here Online

You can read the first chapter, a sample state chapter, and the Table of Contents right here for free. The sample state chapter should give you a pretty good idea of what the book covers. Use the page numbers in the Table of Contents to tell you which states have a lot more job hotlines and which have fewer job hotlines than the sample chapter (State of Georgia).

Click here to connect to the free Update Sheet for this book where we tell you about job hotline numbers that have changed since the book was published.

Click here to read the first chapter, “Conducting a Savvy, Balanced Job Search.” It's really worthwhile to read this chapter so you get a good idea of how and where job hotlines fit into a successful job hunt.

How many job hotlines are there in the states that interest you? Just click here to see the complete Table of Contents which will give you the answer.

Click here to see the listing of job hotlines in the State of Georgia, plus key information about the state.

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